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Minimalism, simplicity, functionality, preciseness, lifestyle. These ideals are the mantra behind Dana Menussi's Design philosophy. Creating livable spaces which take into account the lives, lifestyle needs, and budget constraints of their occupants, while using and utilizing materials, furniture and space to create an environment that works and relaxes simultaneously.

Dana Menussi's approach to Lifestyle design goes beyond interiors and interior design. With an innate ability to understand and connect with her clients, Dana is able to clear out the unnecessary and bring forward the elements which enable her clients to be part of a productive, functional space which provides a sense of luxury, a respite from the rigors of day to day life, and a sanctuary for ones mind and soul. Dana's designs incorporate clean lines, which calm the mind, a subtle mix of grounding, natural surfaces with pops of color to inspire, and attention to small details that can easily go unnoticed, but which add a sense of completeness to all of her spaces. Dana has helped clients with small scale needs, and simple interior adjustments to large scale, gut renovations and redesigns.
Born in Tel Aviv, and heavily influenced by the city's Modern, minimalist Bauhaus Architecture, Dana studied photography at Jerusalem's well respected Hadassah University. With an acute understanding of color, texture, composition and light, and a keen eye for fashion, hair and makeup, Dana quickly built a successful career as a cutting edge fashion photographer in Tel Aviv.

In 1994, Dana moved to NYC to continue to grow and stretch as a photographer, working for such Magazines as Mademoiselle, Jane, Detour and Italy's D Magazine. Dana worked for several years in New York, establishing her reputation, not only with American clients, but working successfully in Paris, Milan and London. To view her portfolio, visit Dana Menussi Photography.

After giving birth to her first daughter, Lila, in 2005, Dana's focus shifted from the superficial ideologies of fashion to the more personal, creative endeavors of Interiors and designing spaces in which people could live and thrive. Moving from the two-dimensional constraints of photography to creating three dimensional, living spaces felt like a natural progression for Dana as a new mother creating a space for her family. "Fashion felt so temporary to me, once I got the frame, it was on to the next image. When I work with my design clients, I feel like I'm creating something that has a life beyond me. My spaces continue to live and provide a sense of comfort and stability for my clients long after I'm finished. That's what speaks to me now.", says Menussi.

Her spaces are vital, relevant, real, and super-functional, taking into account the reality of the inhabitants' lives while giving attention to hopes, dreams and an idealized version of their reality.

Dana Menussi currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, and two daughters.